Homemade Neapolitan Pizza

To make the Homemade Neapolitan Pizza. We will use the Caputo Nuvola flour. Caputo cloud flour 8/12 hours of leavening? The Caputo Mill has existed since 1924, a mill carried on by 3 generations of Neapolitan master millers.

They use a slow grinding method to ensure the integrity of the starch and the flavors of the flour.

As they specify on their official website MULINO CAPUTO:

“We mix many qualities of national wheat that we take from Umbria, Marche and other Italian regions to obtain the basis of our product. We then integrate them with grains from Northern Europe, in particular France, Germany and Finland. Our products are in this extremely natural way, also because we process them without adding chemical enzymes or additives. “

Neapolitan pizza recipe with Caputo Nuvola

“Nuvola is born from the research and development of Mulino Caputo: a careful selection of 100% natural raw materials without additives or preservatives that ensures volume and softness of the dough thanks to the high fermentation capacity naturally present in the grains”

With this type of flour it is possible to make doughs with leavening at room temperature 18/20 ° C for a duration ranging from 8 to 12 hours.

Alternatively, with the help of the “cold” (Putting the dough in the fridge at a temperature of 4 ° C) it is possible to go to leavening up to 24 hours.


Homemade Napolitan Pizza

Dough ingredients

Caputo Nuvola Flour – 660 gr
Water – 440 gr
Salt – 22 gr
Fresh brewer’s yeast – 1 gr

Seasoning ingredients

Peeled tomatoes – 100 gr (for pizza)
Fior di latte – 80/100 gr (for pizza)
Parmesan Q.B
Extra virgin olive oil Q.B
Fresh basil to taste

Method Homemade Neapolitan Pizza

Put all the flour in the mixer (or in a bowl) and crumble the yeast inside
Add half the water and start kneading
Once all the water has been absorbed, add the salt and the remaining water flush, kneading until the mixture is smooth and homogenous
Cover with a damp cloth and leave to rise at room temperature for 4 hours
Proceed with the formation of 4 280 g loaves, and then let them rise for 6/8 hours at room temperature

Drafting and cooking

Bring the dough onto the work table (floured with semolina flour) and proceed by spreading it with your fingers from the center towards the edge
For cooking you can follow the following article where I talk about it in detail: RELATED ARTICLE Tempo di cottura pizza fatta in casa

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